By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 06/02/16 – 7:50 PM PDT |

COLTON >> Faced with a dwindling general fund — used to pay most city expenses, from police to parks — but enjoying surpluses in the city-run electrical fund, city officials are asking voters’ permission to use more electrical money for other purposes.

If approved by one more than 50 percent of Colton voters, Measure D will allow the city to transfer up to 20 percent of the electrical utility’s revenue to the general fund for five years.

The electrical rates would be frozen for five years at the level the City Council approved in 2014 — which is less than Southern California Edison charges — unless the City Council unanimously determines an emergency requires a vote to increase them.

After five years, the maximum the city could transfer would drop to its current level, 12.39 percent.

“Last year, we passed a budget with a structural deficit,” said City Manager William Smith. “The council decided we don’t want to cut services, so let’s pass the budget and then let’s work to find a way to ensure our stability moving forward.”

Mayor Richard DelaRosa, one of five officials to sign a ballot statement advocating the measure, did not return phone calls.

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