California Elections
By Dan Walters
May 16, 2016 – 1:36 PM

  • 90 tax measures, 57 bond issues on June primary ballot
  • School bonds would total $6.2 billion if passed

California voters will face just one statewide measure on the June primary ballot, but they will pass judgment on at least 165 local government proposals, according to a compilation by government finance tracker Michael Coleman.

Coleman, who operates the website, says the total includes 90 local tax measures on the ballot, 57 bond issue authorizations, which would also require tax increases, and one referendum to repeal a tax.

Most of the bond proposals have been placed on the ballot by school districts, and they total $6.2 billion, Coleman calculated, with another $442 million in three city proposals.

The taxation measures include seven local parcel tax proposals by school districts, and 12 more parcel tax requests by cities, counties and special districts. Parcel taxes are levies on property, generally for a fixed amount per parcel, regardless of size or value. Value-based property taxes are strictly limited by Proposition 13, which voters passed in 1978.

Sixteen general tax proposals, half of them sales taxes, are also proposed. They require simple majority votes. Six sales tax proposals for specific purposes require two-thirds votes.

Glendale voters will decide whether to repeal a $17.5 million per year utility tax.

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