San Bernardino County Sheriff

Sunday, May 15, 2016 – 10:00 a.m.

I routinely get myriad emails over issues in San Bernardino County, the local government’s operations in general

The latest one, arriving Friday evening, caught my attention and is deserving of short commentary.

Here’s the email:


“Check this crap out!!

I’m not sure if you would be interested in following up on this or not, but aren’t their violations of using your position for your own personal gain? It appears that Lauren (Leichleiter) is whining because he can’t get promoted so now all the sudden he wants to use the power of SEBA and the ability to distribute all this promotion info for his potential future lawsuits for nepotism and favoritism in an unfair promotional policy. Funny how he didn’t give a shit about the welfare anyone else before it directly effected him”

SEBA Promotion Survey


This move, for a union that agreed to eliminate the competency examination for promotion to the rank of Sheriff’s Lieutenant, is interesting.

Look. It’s no secret the Sheriff’s Department is plagued with cronyism and nepotism within its ranks and promotional process. It’s one of the key reasons for the current long-running and highly-publicized ineptitude.

An ineptitude that’s been created by the ‘Good Ole Boys Network’ way of promoting from within.

Yes. The promotion system is unfair. It’s not based on merit, skill and experience. But instead on who one knows, and just how well one, to be candid here, kisses ass.

In other words. All of the competent and experienced leader-quality types have been driven, either to other agencies or into retirement.

The days of promoting competent and well-deserving (meaning experience at actually performing a breadth of law enforcement duties) vanished long ago.

If this is about the union president not getting promoted, then it’s misguided.

Anyone who runs to be president of any union, especially SEBA, shouldn’t even delude themselves with the idea of promotion.

It’s a sacrifice or choice one must make.

The union’s primary function is to collective bargain, enforce it’s contracts, and defend its members. At least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Any other considerations, including self-promotion, is secondary.

All that results from this illusion is the rank and file membership is sold down the proverbial river.

If this is what’s taking place then it’s a tragedy.