Game Over

Monday, May 2, 2016 – 09:00 a.m.

The 2016 California republican party Convention is in the books.

The main attraction was an appearance by Front-Runner Donald Trump, and the pro-Mexican demonstrators sent in to disrupt the event.

Even though Trump pulled one over on the group, when he quietly entered and exited the event unbeknownst to them. The whole ordeal made for good television.

But the interesting development at the convention was the endorsement of Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz by Former California Governor Pete Wilson.

From a fiscal and governance point of view, Wilson was an effective governor.

But for Cruz to tout the support of someone, who is essentially unknown by two generations of voters, is a sign that Cruz is toast in the primary nationwide, not to mention California.

The senator’s impending loss in the state of Indiana on Tuesday night will seal his fate well before California voters go to the polls.

Trump is expected to handily win California when the state holds its primary on June 7.

The Wilson nod means nothing.