Friday, April 29, 2016 – 10:00 a.m.

The sky looks clearer by the day for Republican Front-Runner Donald Trump.

The billionaire candidate for president is on a glide path for the nomination.

According to website Real Clear Politics, Trump now has 994 bound and unbound delegates thanks to the state of Pennsylvania.

A vast majority of the state’s uncommitted delegates have publicly committed to supporting Trump.

The revised total gives Trump some significant breathing room.

Here’s the math:

  • Trump has 994 delegates.
  • He’s expected to easily win both West Virginia (34) and obviously New Jersey (51).
  • That’s another 85 delegates. The new count for Trump now rises to 1,079 delegates.
  • That places him 158 delegates short of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure a first ballot nomination.
  • The balance of the other eight remaining states is 417.
  • Those states are Indiana (57), Montana (27), New Mexico (24), South Dakota (29), Washington (44), Oregon (28), Nebraska (36) and the big prize California (172).
  • Trump only needs 37.9 percent of the remaining 417 delegates to reach 1,237.
  • Of the eight states, only three are true winner-take-all. They are Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. All of which favor Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz. So let’s give these state’s to him
  • That leaves the available delegate pool at 325.
  • The remaining states are formula based, where Trump is expected to do well.
  • Currently, Trump is polling with an 18-point lead in California, and is projected to garner anywhere from 110-130 delegates in the Golden State.
  • A new Oregon poll has Trump up 17-points at 43 percent. This result would give him 12 of the state’s 28 delegates.
  • Trump will also pull delegates out of New Mexico, Washington and Indiana, whether he wins the later or not.

In the end, Trump, after breaking 1,237, will pull additional unbound delegates on the first convention ballot.

Don’t be surprised if he’s near 1,400 on the final first ballot tally.