Trump Perot

Joseph Turner
Friday, March 18, 2016 – 07:38 p.m.

Conventional wisdom, for what that is worth, says that Ross Perot’s third party run in 1992, when he got nearly 20 percent of the total national vote, cost George H. W. Bush the election and handed it over to Bill Clinton.

Though I was a young man barely in high school at the time, I still remember the shrieks and howls that emanated from the Bush supporters. They looked down and heaped scorn on those “short sighted idiots” abandoning the president who raised taxes after he promised he wouldn’t.

It should be noted that there is considerable literature now suggesting that Perot did not actually cost Bush the election, but instead pulled more votes from Bill Clinton, and thus made Bush more competitive than he should have been – but that is a discussion for another day.

Let’s stick to talking about how the GOP establishment and Kool-Aid drinking supporters said that a vote for Perot was in fact a vote for Clinton.

Being that this all took place pre-Internet, it can be a little taxing trying to find some quotes so here are two examples, albeit from the 1996 campaign, and feel free to take my word for it.

And, in a sign of growing Republican anxiety, Rep. Alex McMillan (R-N.C.) said he warns constituents who are “tempted by Perot’s crispness and self-madeness” that “a vote for Perot is a vote for Clinton.”

In the key state of Michigan, Republican chairwoman Suzy Heintz says: “We say that a vote for Perot is a vote for Clinton. I don’t understand why he’s out there. He wants to cut the budget deficit, and we’re already trying to address that. But the Democrats can manipulate the situation. They want him to run.”

So, here you have establishment Republicans sounding the alarm on Ross Perot. And what are establishment Republicans doing today? They are threatening to do whatever it takes to destroy the Republican front runner – some have even called for the creation of a third party and independent runs to sabotage Trump.

But, in the unfailing wisdom of those establishment folks, they are acting on their conscience and standing on principle. They claim to have a moral obligation to oppose Trump and protect and defend conservatism.

Let that sink in for a second.

The same hacks and losers who have stood by and watched the Republican Party betray the voters year after year, grow the government year after year, add trillions upon trillions to our national debt, export American jobs with crappy “free trade” deals while importing millions of illegal aliens to undercut the American worker at home, and on and on and on – they are choosing “principles” with their “Never Trump” pledges.

We are talking about the biggest bunch of fakes and phonies who are more concerned about protecting the status quo insider gravy train that lines the pockets of these losers and their friends and family in Washington, D.C.

Morals. Principles. Puhlease.

Let’s quickly touch on another aspect of the Perot Paradox. Guess what ladies and gents, Ross Perot did divide the vote. Bill Clinton earned less than 50 per cent of the vote. That is right, our nation somehow managed to elect a president with less than 50 percent of the vote, and the world survived.

There is some chatter about how Trump needs to get 1,237 delegates in order to earn the nomination. The entire notion that if Trump fails to get this number, but has significantly more delegates than any other candidate, that one of his other competitors or some other person who never even ran will be installed as the nominee is a perilous one.

There will be blood – political and actual.

And you can rest assured that should the GOP power brokers elect to pursue this course, and believe me they are dumb enough to do it, Trump supporters are going to drink their milkshake.

The next time you hear a GOP Kool-Aid drinker justify their “Never Trump” pledge and try to argue that they are not supporting Hillary Clinton, remind them how they or the generation of Kool-Aid drinkers before them said a vote for Perot was a vote for Bill Clinton. And then tell them that you are really thirsty.