Jim Erwin
Saturday, March 19, 2016 – 01:30 p.m.

Hates off to the Super-PAC consultant class.

This consulting cadre, the brain trust behind the $200 million in failed efforts to stop GOP Front-runner Donald trump, has meticulously fleeced the richest of America’s political class.

Yes, through a series of half-baked ‘anti-Trump’ strategies, this group of so-called political know-it-all’s, each with their varying claims-to-fame of being involved in political campaigns going back thirty years, or more, is reaping millions in fees and legal vendor kick-backs.

One would think that these ‘professionals’ would care about their success percentage, not-to-mention their individual reputations. But it would seem that this is the year to make career earnings off of the rich, with one huge final drink at the money trough.

So why not take as much as you can and walk away. Win or Lose?

Will these big-class donors care about being taken to the cleaners?

They might.

But in the end they, the donors, will suffer their own humiliating embarrassment for two reasons. One for a President Donald J. Trump being elected in the White House against their collective efforts. Secondly, for being a little bit lighter in the pocketbook at the hands of people willing to sell them a phony bill of goods. All while these big-time consultants and strategists, they enriched, go along their merry way to the bank laughing.

It’s time to make a list and remember who they are.

How did all these smart, wealthy business people get hosed?