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Jim Erwin
Saturday, March 19, 2016 – 01:30 p.m.

Hates off to the Super-PAC consultant class.

This consulting cadre, the brain trust behind the $200 million in failed efforts to stop GOP Front-runner Donald trump, has meticulously fleeced the richest of America’s political class.

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InlandPolitics: Revisiting the 2012 Electoral Map

Electoral Map - 2012

Joseph Turner
Saturday, March 19, 2016 – 10:15 a.m.

This will be a fairly brief post about the 2012 electoral map as I am preparing to write a series of posts in the future analyzing some swing states.

Most people are seemingly unaware of how close Mitt Romney came to winning the presidential election. Much has been written and it has often been described as a very convincing or solid victory for Obama.

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Trump Perot

Joseph Turner
Friday, March 18, 2016 – 07:38 p.m.

Conventional wisdom, for what that is worth, says that Ross Perot’s third party run in 1992, when he got nearly 20 percent of the total national vote, cost George H. W. Bush the election and handed it over to Bill Clinton.

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Orange County Register

The Orange County Register building in Santa Ana. (Rick Loomis / Los Angeles Times)

Andrew Khouri
March 18, 2016

A U.S. District Court judge has approved a temporary restraining order to block Tribune Publishing’s purchase of the Orange County Register and Riverside Press-Enterprise, a decision that the owner of the Los Angeles Times has described as a “death-knell” to its bid.

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High-Speed Rail

A full-scale mock-up of a high-speed bullet train is displayed at the Capitol in Sacramento. (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Ralph Vartabedian
March 18, 2016

The state has enough money to build an initial operating segment of the bullet train from San Jose to the Central Valley but faces major uncertainties about funding for the entire 500-mile system and whether the initial system will be profitable, according to a new report by researchers for the Legislature.

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Capitol Alert
By Dan Walters
March 18, 2016 12:07 PM

  • New accounting standards require pensions to be on balance sheet
  • The rules will also require health care obligations to be listed
  • Pension reformers praise inclusion as helping their cause

Although its 2014-15 budget was balanced, California’s state government ended the fiscal year $175.1 billion in the red, thanks largely to state retirement obligations that had to be included in its balance sheet for the first time.

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