Joseph Turner
Wednesday, March 16, 2016 – 04:00 p.m.

Donald Trump crushed his opposition on Tuesday and extended his delegate lead over Ted Cruz setting the table for something rather remarkable – Republican voters in the state of California may very well have some say in picking who the next presidential nominee will be.

That means the media, the GOP pundit class, and other talking heads are going to go into overdrive comparing Donald Trump to Arnold Schwarzenegger – our former failed governor.

While there are no doubt superficial similarities concerning their celebrity status, the fundamental differences between the two dwarf any similarities. Any attempt to compare the two are done with the express purpose of undercutting the appeal and support for Donald Trump.

The singular most important difference that tells you the reader everything you need to know is this:


When they had the opportunity to support Tom McClintock, the state’s leading conservative voice, in a recall campaign to replace Democrat Gray Davis, the establishment betrayed the party’s principles in the name of winning an election.

They opted to support the “moderate” Republican actor.

If ever there was an opportunity to showcase conservatism in California and fundamentally reshape Sacramento politics, this was the election to get behind and aggressively fight for McClintock.

Gray Davis had some of the worst polling numbers in the history of California politics and because none of the major Democratic players jumped in the race for fear of adding credibility to the recall effort, the GOP was running against an open borders loser named Cruz Bustamante.

And what happened, Arnold Schwarzenegger turned out to be the ultimate squish who folded on just about every major conservative issue.

Now, many of the GOP elites who supported Schwarzenegger are attempting to lecture the rest of us about Donald Trump and his conservative credentials. Now they have found religion and are acting on principle.

Give me a break.

In 2003, the California Republican Party had a golden opportunity to install a true conservative that would go to war to fix the free spending, big tax policies of the left. There was an opportunity to totally remake and reintroduce common sense conservatism to the people of this state.

Ever since the rise of Schwarzenegger, the GOP has collapsed in this state. There aren’t any state wide elected officials, voter registration has dropped below 30 percent, we do not have enough legislators to even pass meaningful legislation, and we can barely influence budget negotiations that require super majorities.

This is the brain trust that now wants to play Paul Revere and warn us about Donald Trump.