Fred Shorett

4th Ward Councilman Fred Shorett speaks during a 4th Ward forum on January 9, 2014 San Bernardino City Hall. FILE PHOTO. (LaFonzo Carter/ Staff Photographer)

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 03/04/16 – 5:40 PM PST |

SAN BERNARDINO >> One of Councilman Fred Shorett’s constituents filed a document Friday to begin the process of recalling the veteran councilman.

According to the notice of intent to circulate a recall petition filed by William Cioci, Shorett failed “in all aspects of his duties,” including by hiring consultants from outside the city while not coming up with original revenue ideas.

“Council Member Shorett has acted with negligence by supporting fiscally irresponsible programs and general spending that has led to the downfall of our city and the depletion of our general fund,” Cioci’s petition states in part.

In an interview, Cioci focused particularly on Shorett’s opposition to medical marijuana — a potentially significant revenue generator, according to Cioci — though Shorett said he could be open to marijuana legalization in the city depending on public sentiment.

Under the city charter, Shorett will have an opportunity to publish an answer to the charges. Beginning seven days after Cioci’s statement and Shorett’s possible answer are published, Cioci will have 90 days to gather signatures from 25 percent of the registered voters in Shorett’s ward, the 4th, and a recall election will be held if he has enough valid signatures.

As of Feb. 28, there are 12,567 registered voters in the 4th Ward, generally north San Bernardino (excluding the Cal State San Bernardino and Verdemont areas), according to the county Registrar of Voters.

“The 4th Ward has always known I’m for them, and fiscal responsibility is what I’m all about,” Shorett said Friday.

As for medical marijuana dispensaries, Shorett said the legislative review committee, which he chairs, has continued to study the issue since the City Council decided in 2014 to crack down rather than pursue possible legalization.

“We decided to do a poll and directed (former City Manager) Allen Parker to do that poll, but it fell through the cracks in the transition,” Shorett said. “The dispensaries are a serious issue. If the poll shows that people want to legalize it, I’m willing to consider that.”

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