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Capitol Alert
By Jeremy B. White
March 3, 2016 – 11:10 AM

  • Legal smoking age would go to 21
  • Military personnel could buy at age 18
  • E-cigarettes would be treated as tobacco products

Sweeping tobacco control bills raising California’s smoking age to 21 and treating electronic cigarettes as tobacco products passed the state Assembly on Thursday and should soon go before Gov. Jerry Brown.

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Dan Walters

By Dan Walters
March 3, 2016 – 3:28 PM

  • Supreme Court allows ‘inclusionary’ housing laws
  • Such approaches don’t really solve crisis
  • California needs to build a lot more housing

Advocates of so-called “inclusionary” policies to provide more housing to low- and moderate-income families were elated when the U.S. Supreme Court this week spurned a challenge to San Jose’s ordinance.

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Yahoo is facing mounting pressure from shareholders who are threatening to overthrow the company’s board.

By Wendy Lee
Updated: March 3, 2016 – 8:19pm

Yahoo Chief Financial Officer Ken Goldman on Thursday reassured investors that the struggling company is serious about exploring all of its options, including a sale.

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