Donald Trump

Thursday, February 25, 2016 – 12:30 a.m.

Businessman Donald Trump, the front-runner for the republican nomination for president, is in the driver’s seat.

He will garner the nomination and likely win the presidency.

After securing a close second place in Iowa, and scoring three consecutive victories, Trump is set to blow through a bundle of primaries and caucuses on March 1, 8, and 15.

For example. On March 1, known as “Super-Tuesday”, Trump has a polling lead in 10 out of 12 states.

Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, leads in his home state, but polling has been wildly all over the map in the Longhorn State. The data shows Cruz leading by as many as 15-points or in a tie with Trump.

Unless Cruz hits 50-percent, Trump will still pull away a large chunk of the state’s delegates.

Right now Cruz is in the high 30-percent range.

Remember Trump nearly hit 50-percent of the vote in Nevada and the delegates were split. That was in a five-way race.

In the follow-up states, that vote on March 8 and 15, Trump is pretty much rolling over his opponents.

I’ve said for months that this was a highly-probable outcome. Now it’s here.

Trump would likely make a good president. He surely couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve been subjected to.

Voter’s want someone to come in and shake things up. Trump undoubtedly is that person.

People have already tried out one first-term senator, Barack Obama, and it hasn’t worked out too well. Now two more senators, the aforementioned Cruz and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio, now want the electorate to give them a shot.

The GOP establishment and donor class have entered a full blown panic at this point. Now, out of the final five candidates, they’re looking at Marco Rubio as their last chance at retaining control.

But Rubio will not even win his home state or any other state for that matter.

Currently Rubio trails Trump in Florida by 16-points. That’s right 16!

Of Course, Rubio says he doesn’t need to win his home state.

But he does!

The more Trump continues to lock-up states, the more voters will jump on the winning bandwagon.