Crystal Ball

Thursday, February 11, 2016 – 09:30 a.m.

Finally someone has made a cogent attempt at calling out the media idiots that believe they have the power to predict and, more importantly, influence voter preference.

Radio talk show host John Ziegler penned an article on the website Mediaite this week, and it was a gem.

I’ve been thinking about the subject for some time now.

How can many of these “experts”, with their on-air focus groups and “scientific” prognostications, say what they say, with such conviction, and be so wrong?

For the men and women in this ilk, it seems to be boiling down to the more complicated analysis one performs, the more likely you’ll be wrong.

Many of these soothsaying pundits, at some point in their careers, scored a big projection that propelled them into the “all-knowing expert category”. But forget about how wrong they’ve been since.

Forget about the fact that some of these highly-paid individuals had their big star-studded claim to fame prediction back when the the vacuum tube was invented.

You’ve heard it before. “Political pundit Joe Schmuck was political advisor to President Calvin Coolidge.”

Ziegler, in his article, hits on two pundits that have worked under the skin of many folks this year.

Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt and Frank Luntz couldn’t have been more wrong this year.

Of the two, Luntz, besides having big dollar contracts with Fox, even puts himself out for hire to other politicos, which kind of smells to say the least.

These two men and a few other reasons actually have me tuning in more and more to the Clinton News Network (CNN).

Bring out the horse-pulled covered wagon and snake oil.