Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, addressing the media on Dec. 2, has cleared the way for a vote on possible relocation to Los Angeles. (Brandon Wade / Associated Press)

Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno
December 9, 2015

The current stadiums in Oakland, St. Louis and San Diego are “unsatisfactory and inadequate,” and the proposed solutions are not viable to keep the Raiders, Rams and Chargers in their home markets, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a report distributed Saturday to all 32 teams.

The contents of the 48-page report were disclosed to The Times by someone who has seen it but is not authorized to discuss it publicly.

The intent of the report is to establish facts about the home markets, as the league views them, heading into a special meeting in Houston on Tuesday and Wednesday to resolve the two-decade L.A. vacancy.

The report does not give teams the green light to move to Los Angeles — that will be determined by owners’ voting — but establishes that the home markets have failed to provide stadium solutions.

Goodell does not make any recommendations about which club or clubs should be approved to relocate, or which stadium project — Carson or Inglewood — should be approved.

At least 24 league owners must vote to approve a move. The commissioner does not have a vote, but his strongly worded report is intended to provide objective information that will assist each club in making its own judgment on the proposals.

In the report, Goodell said that each of the home markets had “ample opportunity but did not develop their proposals sufficiently to ensure the retention of its NFL team.”

The report says none of the three clubs has received a stadium proposal that is free of any contingencies and presents a viable long-term solution.

On Monday, the first day they were eligible, each of the three teams submitted relocation applications to the league.

Los Angeles has had several sites proposed for an NFL stadium over the years, yet the nation’s second-largest city is still without a team.

Earlier this week at league headquarters in New York, the stadium, finance and L.A. committees discussed those applications and met with the backers of each project. The Chargers and Raiders have teamed to propose a stadium in Carson; the Rams want to build a stadium in Inglewood.

After the meeting, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who did not attend, sent a one-page letter to Goodell saying that he supports the Chargers and Rams sharing the Inglewood stadium. The letter didn’t mention the Raiders, a person familiar with the document said on the condition of not being identified.

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