Donald Trump

Billionaire Businessman and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has skyrocketed in recent national polling numbers.

Saturday, December 26, 2015 – 01:00 p.m.

You have to hand it to the so-called mainstream media, and cable network news for that matter.

Anytime a national presidential primary poll emerges showing Donald Trump declining, and anyone else ascending, and I mean anyone; Three groups, 1.) the mainstream media; 2.) the so-called establishment and finally, 3.) the political pundits, all ooze with glee.

It happened again last week when the Quinnipiac University Poll measured Trump with 28% support, followed by Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz at 17.8%.

The Quinnipiac Poll, released at a time when other polling organizations were showing Trump surging upwards with around 40% support, was reportedly now showing the start of Trump’s inevitable demise.

Yes, Trump was once again finished.

But the results and celebration was short-lived.

Two days later, CNN/ORC spoiled the party, releasing a new poll showing Trump at 39% and Cruz at 18%.

The updated Reuters Rolling 5-Day Tracking Poll now confirms the CNN/ORC numbers, with Trump at 39.3%, followed by Cruz at 12.8%, Retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 9.6%, and Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio pulling 8.5%.

That’s Trump, Cruz and Carson combining for 61.7% of the vote.

The Real Clear Politics Average of recent national polls now has Trump at an all-time high of 36.5%, followed by Cruz at 17.8%.

Remove the Quinnipiac number from the average and Trump is at 38.2%.

The latest Iowa poll by Gravis Marketing has Trump and Cruz in a tie at 31%. The number disrupts the media narrative of a Cruz runaway in the state.

There currently is no other candidate that can assume the flavor of the month as a non-Trump choice. And yes, Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is toast!

The new developments mean it’s time to look at a Trump nomination reality, not just a possibility.

No matter how one slices it. Trump is resonating big time!

The electorate is pissed off and they’re going to make a statement this year. In actuality, a Trump-Cruz ticket is a possibility. Not the reverse.

The GOP establishment needs to face a new political reality. The Trump candidacy is a phenomenon never witnessed before in modern-era politics.