Jarrod Burguan

San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan speaks about first responders during a recent news conference in San Bernardino. (Rachel Luna – Staff Photographer)

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 12/17/15 – 7:58 PM PST |

SAN BERNARDINO >> The city has a succession plan to replace the city manager who’s resigning Dec. 31, if the City Council approves it Monday: the top cop will be the top leader for a month, then Burbank City Manager Mark Scott takes over.

Both Police Chief Jarrod Burguan and Scott are listed as interim appointments on Monday’s agenda, with Burguan to start Jan. 1 and Scott on Feb. 8.

Scott announced his resignation from the Burbank position in November.

It only makes sense to fill the time until Scott can take over from Burguan, who’s been acclaimed for his handling of the Dec. 2 terror attack and its aftermath, said Councilman Rikke Van Johnson.

“Like Council member (Virginia) Marquez was saying, he’s a rock star,” Johnson said Thursday. “He’s more than qualified, for one, and it’s only for a month’s period of time. And it’s also a savings for us as a city to do that.”

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