Tuesday, October 27, 2015 – 02:00 p.m.

The pile-on has started over the disclosure of the arrest of San Bernardino County’s Human Resources Director, and the subsequent lack of disclosure to the public and board of supervisors.

The Sun newspaper inked an editorial, titled “San Bernardino County’s HR boss should go” for its Tuesday edition.

All three Valley newspapers, The Sun, Daily Bulletin and The Press-Enterprise, each published follow-up articles.

Then, pouring salt in the open wound, the Highland Community News publishes and opinion editorial by the president of the county safety employees union, which takes shots at both Chief Executive Officer Greg Devereaux and embattled Human Resources Director Andrew Lamberto.

But the rub is about to hit home!

If, in fact, Devereaux actually disciplined Lamberto and had him sign a last chance agreement, which is within his (Devereaux’s) authority, then the HR Director might just be home free.

Even though Lamberto is and exempt at-will employee of the county, he can’t be disciplined for the same offense twice. That includes terminating Lamberto.

Supervisors are stuck with the dilemma of four options. They include; 1.) Keep Lamberto where he is, which is not going to work; 2.) Reassign him at the same compensation; 3.) Pay him to go, or 4.) Dismiss him and fight a breach of contract lawsuit.

It’s going to be very interesting how this all plays out, given the way this situation was swept under the rug.

The board of supervisors have been rendered powerless in this debacle.