Toad Squatting on Mushroom

Saturday, October 24, 2015 – 09:30 a.m.

The latest debacle at the San Bernardino County Government Center shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.

Like I routinely point out. The dirty laundry closet in that building could take up an entire floor.

This week’s revelations of the Human Resources Director being convicted of solicitation some seven months ago is just sauce for the goose.

Here’s some links to a couple local news articles:

The Sun/Daily Bulletin: San Bernardino County punishes director in prostitution case
The Press-Enterprise: “SAN BERNARDINO: Prostitution conviction prompts discipline of county HR director”

What’s interesting here is that according to the reports, the board of supervisors was never, ever, informed of the incident!


A department level executive gets into a jam and the board isn’t told, and instead its swept under the rug.

It’s typical San Bernardino County Government in action.

Remember all those pesky multi-million dollar legal settlements the public never finds out about?

If the public new about all the back door meetings, the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” favors that take place, they’d have their collective eyes opened just a little.

County Supervisors have set a closed door meeting, for November 3, under the agenda caption of:

Public Employee Performance Evaluation/Public Employee Discipline (Government Code section 54957)

  1. Title: Chief Executive Officer

Does anyone actually believe that county supervisors, especially the bunch we have in San Bernardino County, actually have the intestinal fortitude to axe Chief Executive Officer Gregory Devereaux?

Think again. It’s not going to happen.

All of this is theater. A kabuki dance to make it appear as if accountability is being meted out.

If it’s anything more than that I’ll be surprised.

County Supervisors have relegated themselves into the roles of a bunch of toads squatting on mushrooms. They consciously handed over their power to Devereaux, and now they’re stuck with the web they have woven, not to mention the embarrassment that has come along with it.

They, the so-called county supervisors, have nobody to blame but themselves.

The Banana Republic continues…..