Monday, September 14, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

A barrage of just-released battleground and national polling has GOP front-runner Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commanding strong leads nationally.

But at the state-by-state level, Trump commands strong numbers, while Clinton struggles in Iowa and New Hampshire.

On Sunday CBS News released several state polls. On the GOP side Trump leads in California (+6%), Iowa (+4%), New Hampshire(+28%) and South Carolina (+15%). In the democratic filed, it’s a mixed bag. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders leads in Iowa (+10%) and New Hampshire (+22%), with Clinton steamrolling Sanders in California (+16%) and South Carolina (+23%).

ABC News/Washington Post updated its national polling on Monday.

The numbers there put Trump at a new high of 33%, followed by Ben Carson at 20%. Jeb Bush is now at 8%.

The much talked about Carly Fiorina is at a whopping 2%.

On the democrat front Clinton is at 42%, followed by Sanders (24%)and Vice President Joe Biden (21%).

One thing for certain here. If Biden officially jumps into the contest he will immediately pull support from Sanders and becomes competitive with Clinton, regionally and nationwide.

One can expect more GOP dropouts following Wednesday’s televised debate on CNN.