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Lou Desmond

Monday, September 14, 2015 – 05:00 p.m.

The Lou Desmond and Company Show is broadcasting from the Toyota of San Bernardino Recording Studios!

Lou is joined by Estimable Economist Jay Prag to discuss several local news topics and interest stories. First, they recap the weekend in football. After that, they turn to the City of San Bernardino. Are things looking up there? Or are people just overly optimistic?

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InlandPolitics: In polling barrage, Donald Trump hits 33%


Monday, September 14, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

A barrage of just-released battleground and national polling has GOP front-runner Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton commanding strong leads nationally.

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Loretta Sanchez+Kamala Harris

Rep. Loretta Sanchez, left, and California Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris. (Associated Press)

By Michael Finnegan
September 14, 2015

State Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris is holding her lead in the race to succeed Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate, but strong support among Latinos has enabled Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Orange County to establish herself as a serious rival, according to a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll.

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Dan Walters

By Dan Walters
September 13, 2015

  • Unions want to change Proposition 13
  • Despite rhetoric, no proposal offered
  • Proposition 30 extension complicates picture

What’s in a word? How about billions of dollars?

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Donald Trump

A new poll indicates California Republicans who favor Donald Trump are largely motivated by opposition to illegal immigration. (Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press)

By Cathleen Decker
September 13, 2015

Fueled by derision for politics as usual, Donald Trump has vaulted to the top of the Republican race for president among California voters, a new USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll has found.

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