No Kool Aid

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – 09:45 a.m.

Another month has gone by and it’s still GOP Presidential Front-runner Donald Trump stealing all the oxygen from the 17-candidate GOP field.

Just look at headlines from the long Labor Day weekend and Tuesday morning. It’s all Trump, with a dose of Vice President Joe Biden and death by a thousand cuts Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The pro-establishment pundits, experts, commentators, pollsters were all in a meltdown on the various cable and network news programs.

Even former Bush advisor Karl Rove looked close to succumbing to an aneurysm on one of the Fox News programs.

No one has a clue how this will play out over the next six months. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen in decades. It’s a populist anti-establishment campaign that has taken on full steam that currently shows no signs of tiring or slowing down.

What’s interesting is the very political establishment, that for years has broken a plethora of campaign promises, while running up the national debt, doesn’t know how to react to this new dynamic.

The worry and dilemma for both republican and democratic establishments this time around is that the average voter might not drink their Kool-Aid.