Tuesday, September 8, 2015 – 09:30 a.m.

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump has been a master at selecting his campaign theme issues.

So much so that as he raises his issues most other candidates in the 17-person republican field jump on the same bandwagon.

The latest Trump-issue working its way back to the top of the list is the military and deplorable treatment of veterans.

It’s been about 18-months since Congress and the President took supposedly-decisive action to cleanup the Veterans Administration, which even included sacking the then-current cabinet secretary.

Now comes news of an approximately 900,000 patient backlog awaiting medical care and that tens of thousands have died while waiting.

It’s not a pretty picture and indicative of just how bad the mismanagement actually is.

The military and veterans have been dumped on. They’ve become the redheaded stepchild of the Obama administration.

Former President George W. Bush, while a strong advocate for the military strength to the tune of trillions of dollars in deficit spending, did let the vets languish. In other words, this problem didn’t develop just in the past six and one-half years.

But Trump is calculating. Someone with his amassed wealth is going to find out where the hot buttons are and dish them out for all to see. In other words no one can hide anything from him.

The Veteran’s Administration debacle is starting to win the hearts and minds of military families, and for him it translates into points in the polls.

The idea of seizing foreign oil from terrorists, selling it to recapture debt from military involvement in the Middle East, then injecting the proceeds into improvements for vets, is outside of the box thinking.

It’s playing well!