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By IE Business Daily
Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Republican Primary race for President was supposed to be a low-key, grinding, policy heavy and uneventful affair. Just two months ago, the crowded field of governors, senators, and a few outsiders wasn’t making many waves.

Donald Trump’s disjointed announcement for President was not taken seriously by the Republican Party or almost anyone else.

That has all changed. Trump’s brash pronouncements about politicians, illegal aliens, and other off-the-cuff remarks were seen by political insiders as evidence of a quick, Donald Trump implosion. So far, the political brains in the party have declared Trump dead many times, on his initial comments on Mexican illegal immigrants, his John McCain insult, his “disastrous” debate performance and most recently his “bleeding” remarks regarding debate moderator Megyn Kelly.

But a funny thing happened. Trump’s poll numbers have stayed steady at the top of the heap of seventeen candidates with 25 percent in recent polling, well ahead of his nearest rivals at 10-12 percent. Just as interesting is that after the first series of debates, Trump leads with two other outsiders in second and third, Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz.

Republican consultants and talking heads are in a dither. Establishment candidates Jeb Bush and Scott Walker watched their early polling leads evaporate into single digits.

So what do we make of the current Donald Trump phenomena? His detractors have said that Trump is not talking about issues, that he is all bluster and bad hair. But the harder they attack Trump, the stronger his polling numbers have gotten. But here is what the Washington consultants and pundits are failing to understand. Trump IS talking about issues, issues that are striking a cord with millions of Americans who feel ignored by both the political parties and their government.

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