Saturday, August 22, 2015 – 10:00 a.m.

Democrats in the California Legislature want to pick your pockets again!

According to them, it’s all in the name of fixing the state’s screwed-up roads and highways. A system that was once the best in the nation.

This time the plan that’s being floated is to raise the gas tax by another 12 cents per gallon and raise the infamous vehicle license fee by $35 per year.

All-in-all, it’s estimated to be about $6 billion more in taxes annually, over 10 years.

The politicians, in the Assembly and Senate, want to tack more on to the price of gasoline, while not doing anything about the rampant and unjustified price manipulation by oil companies.

Let’s tax driver’s billions of dollars a year more, but not speak of the past raiding of transportation funds to spend on other priorities.

The politicians also say they’ll put in taxpayer protections to dedicate the money to roads only. But this hasn’t stopped them from, in the past, stealing it during ‘fiscal emergencies’.

How about all the billions the legislature has recently thrown at new social programs?

The naked truth is the legislature has thrown huge chunks of the state budget at pet projects, while at the same time they let the infrastructure go to hell. Now it’s time to pony up more money, and they want taxpayers to pay.

To do any of this, the legislature needs a handful of republican votes, or a vote of the people.

Overall, California is already the highest taxed state in the country, and that fact seems fine to many of the state’s legislators.

Any republican that votes for any part of this ripoff should be recalled from office.