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Friday, August 21, 2015 – 01:30 p.m.

California gasoline stockpiles at in-state refineries are climbing.

After months of stories purporting to an impending shortage of gasoline, just the opposite has occurred.

Last week California refinery production jumped 9.2% from the prior week. Gasoline inventories climbed 3.4%.

Gasoline inventories are 1% higher than the same period last year.

California driver’s must have enjoyed the unjustified fleecing they were subjected to.

Here’s the latest report from the California Energy Commission:

California Energy Commission Weekly Fuels Watch Report

These numbers are based on reports from California refineries, and are subject to refinery revision and Energy Commission verification.

Charts of statewide and regional production and inventories, with five-year comparisons

California Weekly Refinery Production and Stocks Levels
(Thousands of Barrels)

One Year
Refinery Input
Crude Oil1214412311-1.4%119032%
Refinery Production
Motor Gasoline:
CARB RFG (incl. Non-Oxygenated)651863472.7%6783-3.9%
Non-California Gasoline104857981%1123-6.7%
Total Gasoline756669269.2%7906-4.3%
Jet Fuel: Kerosene211319836.6%20005.7%
CARB-Diesel (< 15ppm Sulfur)190517757.3%2112-9.8%
Other Diesel Fuel*324805-59.8%626-48.2%
Total Distillates22292580-13.6%2738-18.6%
Refinery Stocks
Crude Oil1490714937-0.2%15719-5.2%
Motor Gasoline:
CARB RFG (incl. Non-Oxygenated)48304834-0.1%4836-0.1%
Non-California Gasoline1257105219.5%11925.5%
Total Gasoline608758863.4%60281%
Gasoline Blending Components52365616-6.8%5422-3.4%
Jet Fuel: Kerosene-Naphtha309129026.5%29554.6%
CARB-Diesel ( <15ppm Sulfur)222421204.9%21165.1%
Other Diesel Fuel*12751353-5.8%1348-5.4%
Total Distillates349934730.7%34641%

*Other diesel fuel includes EPA diesel and high sulfur diesel.

Negative values indicate a transfer of finished production being used as an input to production for another finished product. This typically occurs with high sulfur diesel being converted to a lower sulfur fuel.

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