Howard Warehouse - Redlands

Monday, August 17, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

The non-stop construction of warehouse properties in the Inland Empire is moving at a break-neck pace.

Tilt-up masonry construction buildings are evident everywhere.

The usual paid hucksters are out pimping these projects to locals, saying they’re a huge economic benefit to the region.

Maybe that’s why University of California at Riverside recently penned a study calling for logistics companies to increase wages and benefits to workers.

Really? But aren’t these so-called great jobs suppose to be the savior for the Inland Empire?

In reality, the logistics industry, as in warehouse jobs, unlike what some would like everyone to believe, pay poorly, especially in a region like Southern California, with its high cost of living.

According to UCR the average wage is $10.05 per hour. That’s it!

Try buying a house on that wage.

The UCR study also notes that most workers to top it off have no health insurance benefits.

Between pollution, damage to roads and traffic congestion, it’s a poor equation for economic vitality in the region. It just seems like it’s the easy way out. A path the Inland Empire always seems to chose to its long-term detriment.

How this master plan improves the average wage in the region is anyone’s guess.