Donald Trump

By Alan Rappeport
Tuesday, August 11, 2015 – Updated: 8:04 a.m. |

Donald J. Trump’s feud with Fox News came to a close on Tuesday morning when the billionaire tycoon called into the network for a friendly interview, declaring “we’ve always been friends.”

Averting any discussion of his war of words with Megyn Kelly, the news anchor who angered him by asking questions about his history of sexism at last week’s presidential debate, Mr. Trump tried to keep the conversation focused on policy.

“We have to knock out their wealth,” Mr. Trump said of how he would defeat the Islamic State. “Take the oil, knock the hell out of them.”

Mr. Trump also shed some light on his tax policy, explaining that he would seek to simplify the existing system before overhauling it and attempting to create a flat tax or an entirely new structure.

“Put H&R Block out of business,” Mr. Trump said, calling for a simplified tax return.

In a separate interview on CNN, Mr. Trump said that he would consider partly defunding Planned Parenthood. He said that while he takes an anti-abortion stance, he supports exceptions for rape and incest. He dismissed suggestions that his previous statements about women would harm him at the polls.

“I’ve always been good to women and there will be nobody better to women as president,” Mr. Trump said, noting that he has put women in charge of major construction projects and that he pays them the same as he pays men at his company.

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