GOP Debate

Saturday, August 8, 2015 – 12:30 a.m.

The GOP debate may have turned into a winner for Billionaire Donald Trump. All courtesy of moderator Megyn Kelly.

The post-debate coverage has been like all other: All Trump, all the time!

I listened on a car radio. Even a blind man could see Kelly, by her words and tone, exhibited a bit of “I gotcha” venom toward trump.

Nevertheless, it was entertaining to say the least. The moderators dialogue ended up consuming a massive one-third of the two-hour debate block, followed then by Trump, who garnered about 10 full minutes in a field of ten candidates on the stage.

Without getting into the punch-counter-punch between Kelly and Trump, if it was Fox’s intent to bring the billionaire candidate down, it probably did the opposite.

Conventional wisdom is out the door on this contest. Trump doesn’t need anyone’s dough and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. In other words the typical politically-correct sanitized talk, coming from the remaining field, won’t be coming out of Trump’s mouth, and that’s a problem for the GOP.

The post-debate coverage was amusing. Fox regulars, Psychiatrist and Author Charles Krauthammer and pollster Frank Luntz immediately, officially and unequivocally declared Trump finished.

On Friday night, Kelly fed viewers a focus group of her own, and she didn’t seem too pleased with what she was hearing on live television. Overall the group was essentially still sold, for the time being, on Trump.

Kelly’s face looked a little alarmed.

What appears to being attracting voters to Trump is clearly his independent anti-establishment, speak your mind approach. To many voter’s Trump speak is refreshing. To others, it isn’t.

It’s going to be interesting to see the post-debate polls. Trump’s favor-ability numbers may slip in the interim. But his overall poll numbers may, in fact, climb.

If this was Fox’s attempt to tell voter’s how to think, it may not have worked.

The post-debate polling numbers are bound to shift from candidates voters believe performed poorly. The shift will start to whittle-down the current field of seventeen.