Saturday, August 1, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

Really? The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department covering up possible negligence on a traffic collision?

That’s the case being made last Saturday in the weekly publication of The San Bernardino County Sentinel. It would seem the newspaper had internal sources dishing out the particulars at issue.

The story, which can be read here, makes a compelling case for the improper handling of a deputy-involved traffic collision, which occurred in the city of San Bernardino on July 19.

The question centers on whether or not the deputy, who was enroute to a priority call, had his emergency lights and siren activated at the time his unit ran a red light and struck a passenger vehicle.

If the emergency equipment was not activated, the deputy and county are negligent. If it was, they’re not.

It’s simple as that.

But it’s no secret the agency has serious problems, past and present, with being caught hiding various incidents from the public eye. But a traffic collision?

Come on! Is this really necessary considering all the dough county taxpayers are forking out on more serious agency screw-ups. After all, and accident is an accident!

If the department has in fact stooped this low, then God help them.

You won’t be reading about this in any other local newspapers.