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Saturday, August 1, 2015 – 09:30 a.m.

The latest in-state oil refinery numbers, released Wednesday by the California Energy Commission, point to only one conclusion.

There never was any real shortage in California gas supplies.

The case for gouging the state’s drivers. by in some cases a dollar per gallon or more, was as previously thought. It was a fabrication.

Well the oil refiners made a profit windfall in July, courtesy of everyone’s pocketbooks. Now a story has surfaced talking of a meteoric drop in prices that’s on the way. If anyone believes the oil companies will allow that to happen, think again!

Inland gas pump prices have been inching downward the past week, falling between 20 and 30 cents per gallon, as oil companies continue to rake it in. The key word here being “inching”.

Crude oil has dropped by 20% over the past month. But Californians would never know.

The new speculation is for prices in the state to fall below $2.50 per gallon by Christmas.

Here’s the latest numbers from the aforementioned California Energy Commission showing no negligible drop in gasoline supplies or production.

California Energy Commission Weekly Fuels Watch Report

These numbers are based on reports from California refineries, and are subject to refinery revision and Energy Commission verification.

Charts of statewide and regional production and inventories, with five-year comparisons

California Weekly Refinery Production and Stocks Levels
(Thousands of Barrels)

One Year
Refinery Input
Crude Oil12043119720.6%12294-2%
Refinery Production
Motor Gasoline:
CARB RFG (incl. Non-Oxygenated)65136551-0.6%6983-6.7%
Non-California Gasoline867943-8.1%62438.9%
Total Gasoline73807494-1.5%7607-3%
Jet Fuel: Kerosene20742133-2.8%20531%
CARB-Diesel (< 15ppm Sulfur)163215515.2%143214%
Other Diesel Fuel*8561011-15.3%1247-31.4%
Total Distillates24882562-2.9%2679-7.1%
Refinery Stocks
Crude Oil1435015019-4.5%15164-5.4%
Motor Gasoline:
CARB RFG (incl. Non-Oxygenated)507646449.3%46928.2%
Non-California Gasoline10531237-14.9%9619.6%
Total Gasoline612958814.2%56538.4%
Gasoline Blending Components531952521.3%53140.1%
Jet Fuel: Kerosene-Naphtha297629461%27607.8%
CARB-Diesel ( <15ppm Sulfur)20442063-0.9%18778.9%
Other Diesel Fuel*131197933.9%1611-18.6%
Total Distillates3355304210.3%3488-3.8%

*Other diesel fuel includes EPA diesel and high sulfur diesel.

Negative values indicate a transfer of finished production being used as an input to production for another finished product. This typically occurs with high sulfur diesel being converted to a lower sulfur fuel.

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