Friday, July 17, 2015 – 10:00 a.m.

California legislators apparently could give a gee-whiz about the sky-high gasoline prices sucking millions out of their constituents pockets.

In the past ten days retail gas prices have shot up at a pace never seen before. The excuses given by oil companies and the talking heads for the current spike don’t hold water.

They never have.

But the legislature, save a few shallow sabre-rattling gestures, has done nothing. They know this is another typical California price gouge based upon non-existent events. They also know this kind of abuse will continue unless they act to punish the offenders.

But, higher tax revenues from spiked gasoline prices, key word here being taxes, is like a drug in a state that never has enough money to blow.

California legislators receive the perk of free gasoline, along with other little goodies. So they don’t really feel the pain of having to pay hundreds of dollars more for gas.

Taxpayers should demand the members of the Assembly and Senate turn in the gas credit cards until they fix the state’s broken oversight of the oil companies.