Mike Ramos

Sunday, July 5, 2015 – 02:30 p.m.

Did the cute stunt backfire?

San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos might have expected to draw the same nationwide press coverage he received from his months-ago attack on Former Daily Show Host Jon Stewart.

If that’s case. It didn’t work.

This time Ramos took aim at Billionaire and GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump, over his comments on Mexican Nationals, who cross into the U.S. illegally.

The story only ran in local newspapers and didn’t catch any national media attention.


But something unexpected did happen.

The comments related to the story have been overwhelmingly brutal against Ramos, who has already announced his candidacy for California Attorney General.

In other words the attack on Trump would appear to be more about generating PR, than really protesting Trump’s words. It also seems more like a jaded play to endear himself to California’s democratic leadership, whose support he would need for confirmation, if he were to get a Jerry Brown appointment to the position of attorney general, in the likely event Kamala Harris moves on to the U.S. Senate in 2016.

After all, Ramos was a lifelong democrat until he entered local politics.

Here’s a smattering of the comments on The Sun newspaper website:

Ward Damon Hubbard • 3 days ago

As a Native American Hawaiian, who was raised in San Bernardino. And I’m “APPALLED” by the corruption in city and county government, giving my home town the label of ‘the new south central’. District Attorney Mike Ramos, needs to keep his Hispanic opinion about who’s running on the GOP, ticket to himself, and focus upon his job at hand. Which is the crime riddle, corruption of in the city and country government. Perhaps if he worried more about the state of affairs of the once great city of San Bernardino California, it might not be the dead broke, cesspool of crime that it has apparently became. Where Sheriff deputies steal to make ends meet. Hey Mike! Get on your J. O. B., and let those who vote worry about the GOP ticket, your plate is full enough!

Irene Elizondo Ward Damon Hubbard • a day ago

Well said

The Liberty Point Ward Damon Hubbard • 2 days ago

Nicely stated and this DA does nothing, he simply looks the other way, he is a hypocrite and a RINO.

Matthew • 3 days ago

I think that Ramos is defending the wrong people here. There are wicked people entering our country unabated, his parents came here legally. The situation in Mexico is hell on earth, and there are some trying to escape. But the demonic is spilling over. It is not about race, it is a spiritual battle. He is falling into the trap of race and social paradigms which the enemies of the Republic and the Church use to destroy independent sovereignty and merge with the beast. The trap of global ordinances and an erasing of national borders, a yoking with the demonic destruction that has consumed a once great Catholic nation.

sven johnson • 3 days ago

as an old white ,blue collar worker in so cal since 1967 i agree with ramos about hard working mexican americans ! have great memories of a lot of mexican co workers over the years. hard working with mostly great families .great sense of humor and most would give you the shirt off their back. however , i believe trump was referring to illegals who sneak into the country who were former criminals where they came from ! how many of these are in the jail system in sb county , ramos , sir ? by the way , whats is up with the ten deputies who beat the guy on the horse ? please respond , mr. ramos !

Markuserektus sven johnson • a day ago

e.e. cummings, is that you?

fedup • 2 days ago

Really, Mr. Ramos, do you need to comment on an issue like this ? Come on, you are beginning to act like Obama does on many issues, commenting on things that are really outside the realm of his position.

Blase’Blase’ • 2 days ago

The little Mini Me DA, who does NOTHING against a Corrupt Sheriffs department should have kept outta this one……………

Trump is going to have a field day……


Irene Elizondo • 2 days ago

Ramos needs to so something about the crime in SB county and stop trying to use Trump to get ahead politically.

Mtee Zee • 2 days ago

Ramos needs to learn to listen…he is so far off base with his interpretation of Trump’s comments.

Rather than Ramo doing his job here locally, he seems bent on pandering for the Hispanic vote. Shameful, so shameful, but typical of San Berdoo County politicos.

Irene Elizondo Mtee Zee • 2 days ago


Tressy Capps • 2 days ago

This is what is wrong with our country and the county right now. Laws matter and no one is enforcing them. Here you have the DA who either doesn’t know or care about immigration laws. Is this why San Bernardino County is known as the wild wild west? Can someone cite the penal code for alleged racist remarks? Will you be filing charges against Mr. Trump? Is this part of the job duties you were elected to perform?

Markuserektus Tressy Capps • a day ago

Immigration law is federal, and the Feds don’t have the resources to enforce it. Trump is not a resident of California.

Paul Ski • 3 days ago

Dear Mr. Ramos,
Two things: 1) Trump wasn’t talking about LEGAL immigrants, such as your grandparents that you mentioned. 2) If his comments were so far from the truth, surely you could disprove them, no?

Bill Tuck Jr • 3 days ago

District Attorney Ramos is The Worst Law Enforcement officer Ever. There may be something to what he is saying? But he`s not the one to do it.

Irene Elizondo • a day ago

Mr. Ramos you think by bashing Trump you will get votes because of your Hispanic name. There are many fine Hispanic Republicans but you are not one of them. You pander to both sides hoping to get elected. You are a disgrace to the intelligent Hispanic community. You are the District Attorney. You are supposed to be bipartisan. Do your job and stop using it for political gain.

Markuserektus • a day ago

The coup de grâce is when Mr. Ramos goes to civil court with the libelous comments below.

San Bernardino Nick Markuserektus • 6 hours ago

Mr. Ramos is a public figure….and if he wants to take people to court I am sure a great number of attorney’ will enjoy deposing his many conquests in the DA’s office and putting them on the stand one after another….LMAO

The Liberty Point • 2 days ago

And you Ramos are nothing more than a disgrace to the office of the DA. Just today or in the last couple of days a woman was shot and killed by an illegal. So how do you explain that one? We are talking about illegals, nothing about immigrants and people like you come to the defense of Mexico, why dont you pack your bags and go back to where you came from?

John Hillman • 2 days ago

Seems the District Attorney has just confirmed he is NOT about “truth and justice”.

Political Correctness = Social Terrorism

The actions of the people reacting to the TRUE STATEMENTS made by Trump identify them for exactly what they are – Social Terrorists.

Irene Elizondo • 2 days ago

What does Jesus and Trump have in common? They both spoke truthfully and neither were politically correct.

Bill Lee Irene Elizondo • a day ago

You just used Trump and Jesus in the same sentence? Chump.

Irene Elizondo Bill Lee • a day ago

If you love Jesus then why the name calling Bill? If I offended you then you can say “Hey I take offense to that.” Name calling is offensive by the way. I can say something back but I won’t.

Have a nice fourth of July!!!

Jones55 • 2 days ago

I met some deputy district attorney named Mike Lewis then a couple weeks later he was dead, killed by some Mexican over in Colton. He was the only DA employee to be killed on the job. I had more problems with Mexicans than any other group of people since I have been in California. Although hispanics are second to blacks in crime levels nationwide, here in California they are second to no one. This is because of the higher population of Mexicans in California. Mexicans might be sensitive to negative comments and have their pride and all that but the reality is they are not such good people.

Irene Elizondo Jones55 • a day ago

Don’t paint us all with the same brush. I understand how you feel though. I am an American Hispanic and I’m also tired of the crime, welfare fraud, anchor babies etc. It’s hard for us to say something because people want to crucify us for telling the truth. Crime comes in all races. White people commit crimes too. I’m sure you are aware of that…

Have a great fourth of July!! It is after all OUR Country’s birthday.

Bill Lee Jones55 • a day ago

I have a lot of problems with white people, they’re everywhere. They drive bad, they talk crappy, sometimes they look. bad. Gosh, a lot of times they’re rapers. They throw trash out of their cars, they yell at their spouses, and at they mall they are the most annoying people you can imagine, they’re just stupid and dumb. They’re just awful. Those white people, they’re everywhere. I swear, they’re ruining this COUNTRY!

Irene Elizondo Guest • 2 days ago

Good one!!!

San Bernardino Nick • 3 days ago

From the Republican that couldn’t get the Republican Party endorsement the last time the dirt bag ran for office….LMAO