By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 06/23/15 – 6:01 PM PDT |

  • Jerry Brown: California’s governor has turned down San Bernadino’s request for help.

SAN BERNARDINO >> Gov. Jerry Brown has given his response to the optimistic request for help on six different fronts that Mayor Carey Davis and his allies made in a trip to Sacramento.

The answer is no.

That’s according to a news release sent by Davis’ chief of staff, Christopher Lopez, who said the city will continue to implement its bankruptcy exit plan.

A “cornerstone” of that plan, Lopez said, is contracting out for some services, including fire protection, something the city has repeatedly sought to pressure Cal Fire to provide.

“Governor Brown’s office has recently made San Bernardino aware that Cal Fire will not provide a proposal and that our additional requests will not be considered,” Lopez wrote Monday evening.

The county fire department and a private firm called Centerra did submit proposals to run the city’s Fire Department, which the city thinks could save it $7 million or more per year.

The city asked Brown to force Cal Fire to submit a bid, despite explicit refusals from the state fire agency’s chief, and for help with several other issues, in a five-page letter signed by Davis, the city manager, the city attorney and all of the City Council members except John Valdivia.

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