Monday, June 22, 2015 – 09:00 a.m.

The Inland Empire logistics renaissance is booming,

Tilt-up warehouse construction is on fire and all those high-paying jobs, according to a handful of experts, are not far behind.


These jobs aren’t with United Parcel Service (UPS) or FedEx.

A reader recently posted-up a USC article on just how low-paying nearly all of the new jobs really are. I can say the analysis isn’t pretty at all. But who knows, maybe an Inland family with at least three adults can live together, all work at the local warehouse, and cobble together enough income to buy a home. Maybe they’ll even work a little overtime and have enough money leftover to put food on the table!

One can’t help notice the increase in commercial semi-truck and trailer traffic on Inland Empire streets and highways. One also can’t ignore the damage to the pavement, not to mention all the damage to vehicle front-end alignments.

Damage that local governments, not to mention the state, can’t afford to fix.

But don’t worry. Politicians, using the “We to repair our infrastructure” mantra, are devising ways to hammer you for more taxes and fees to pay for the mess.

Redlands is a fine example.

The city is rapidly becoming a warehouse mecca on its North side. Recently the city assessed a fee on trash bills for the purpose of repaving city streets from damage caused by, get this, “weekly visits by the trash truck”.

Here’s a link to the related information: USC News: Warehouse jobs are no path to the middle class