SBSO Sheriff

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – 11:00 a.m.

Last week San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials were disseminating an interesting spin in the Francis Pusok beating case.

That spin was that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was simply monitoring the Sheriff/District investigation into the videotaped beating of Pusok. The assertion was that Sheriff John McMahon and District Attorney Mike Ramos would handle the entire case from start to finish.

Anyone, with any commonsense, would realize that’s not going to happen.

Now the Brietbart news website is reporting that a formal FBI probe has been launched.

What is even more interesting is the article quotes recent inflammatory media comments made by department personnel, which make no sense at all.

A blind man can see the conflict between McMahon and Ramos. For the two, who shared campaign resources and the same political consultant, to remotely believe they can conduct any facet of a credible investigation, speaks volumes as to just how San Bernardino County really operates.

Ramos’ office recently plundered a fraud case involving current and former sheriff’s personnel. The case, which initially-charged seven defendants, resulted in three dismissals “in the interest of justice” and four misdemeanor convictions that all were later dismissed and expunged, with little of the stolen funds actually recovered.

The case, if it actually proceeded to trial with felony charges would have ultimately implicated others.

If the county believed that paying Pusok, who was stupid enough to settle, a paltry $650,000 would throw water on the flames, it can think again.

The settlement is a glimmer into just how dumb Pusok actually is.

At least the county avoided the possibility of embarrassing civil depositions.