Michael Peevey

Michael Peevey

By Jaxon Van Derbeken
April 29, 2015

The former head of the California Public Utilities Commission pressured two Southern California utilities last year to make donations to a school at UCLA where he then landed a post on an advisory board, documents revealed Wednesday show.

The panel’s then-president, Michael Peevey, urged that Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas and Electric Co. donate the money as part of a deal to shut down their jointly owned San Onofre nuclear power plant, which had been offline for more than a year because of steam generator problems, according to documents that Edison made public.

Peevey, who led the panel for 12 years, left in December under a cloud, the target of state and federal investigations into possible influence peddling stemming from deals he allegedly made with utilities. He has declined to comment about the probe.

In a search of Peevey’s Southern California home in January, state investigators found notes of a secret March 2013 meeting at a hotel in Poland with a Southern California Edison executive that appear to show the utility agreeing to earmark $20 million for greenhouse gas reduction research as part of a deal to close the nuclear plant.

The company denies it reached any such deal with Peevey, and when a tentative $4.8 billion deal on the San Onofre shutdown was reached in March 2014, it included no money for greenhouse gas research.

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