By Willie L. Brown, Jr.
Published Saturday, April 25, 2015 – 10:19 pm

My prediction that Hillary Rodham Clinton was inviting nothing but trouble by announcing early that she’s running for president is starting to come true.

Stories are popping up left and right about the millions of dollars from foreign powers that went to the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state.

This has the potential of being a bigger liability than the e-mail affair or Benghazi because taking money from a foreign government when you hold a Cabinet job is a potential conflict of interest that everyone can grasp.

Plus, if foundation expenses show that the money helped pay for private jets and high-end hotels for executives or family members, it’s double trouble.

It could even be fatal to Clinton’s candidacy, if it balloons into an ongoing story and the Republicans open a congressional investigation.

Clinton needs to inoculate herself. She needs to release an account of every dime that came into the foundation and every dime that went out, along with as many photos as she can find of the foundation’s work in Haiti and Africa.

If she can make the Clinton Foundation look like the Red Cross, she can survive this. If she can’t, look out below.

I see that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is back, this time on late-night TV. Some people think that’s where the new voter audience really is.

Christie is being flippant, funny and self-effacing, Best of all, he’s really doing a great job of not being political.

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