Throwing Israel Under the Bus

Saturday, April 4, 201 – 12:00 p.m.

It’s all in the name of securing a arms deal with Iran. Or any other deal for that matter.

The Obama administration’s recent approach to Iran and Cuba appears more and more like a “Nixon went to China” legacy play.

The current framework agreement between Western powers and Iran boils down to essentially lifting all crippling economic sanctions on Iran first. Then trust Iran not to conceal any secret development facilities from inspectors for the next ten years.

Yes. Let them sell all the crude oil they want. Lift the freeze on financial assets, etc…. Then see what happens.

Remember when North Korea said it wouldn’t continue developing a nuclear weapon?

First they locked out inspectors.

Then came an underground nuclear test.

The response was kind of like “Ah shucks! North Korea has nuclear capability.” Who knew?

So much for stopping them!

It was bad enough when Obama political operatives unsuccessfully tried to help oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from office last month. A covert plan that backfired big time. Netanyahu instead won a stronger coalition government.

But now this?

Even other Arab nations are taking the situation more seriously than we are. They’re forming their own joint military force to deal with local conflicts on their own.

Amazingly, Democrats have been steadfastly supported by Jewish voters. But know that dynamic is in play and congressional democrats know it.

President Barack Obama has thrown Israel under the bus and he’s not looking back.

If it all blows up, he’ll go to his fall back position.

Blame it on Bush…..