Lou Desmond

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 – 05;00 P.M.

Tonight on the Lou Desmond & Company Show, Lou’s favorite liberal Georgine Trujillo is on the show to talk about the Middle East. After that the two will talk about automatic voter registration in California. Is it a good idea? Then they talk about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s comments on Sen. Ted Cruz. What kind of leadership is the Republican Party looking for?

And the show ends with a several local law enforcement stories. First, Lt. Rich Lawhead, PIO for the San Bernardino PD, gives an update on the Sahray Barber case. The chief of police is expected to release information in the case tomorrow morning. Then, police responded to two robberies earlier this week in Lou’s town of Yucaipa. Finally, Redlands PD officers use their blast resistant vehicle for the first time – in San Bernardino.

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