California State University

By Josh Dulaney, LA Daily News
Posted: 03/22/15, 5:13 PM PDT |

LONG BEACH >> From hospitality management to cybersecurity, campuses across the Cal State University system are planning to implement new degree programs over the course of the next decade. Trustees for the 23-campus system this week are expected to approve 29 projected degree programs when they modify the CSU Academic Master Plan, amid several discussions and decisions planned for their regularly scheduled session at the Chancellor’s Office.

Degree programs are reviewed annually, and the list of 29 new programs under proposal are four more than what were under consideration last year, but fewer than the typical amount of programs proposed before the Great Recession, officials said.

“It’s really taking a look at the workforce needs in that particular region,” said Mike Uhlenkamp, a spokesman for CSU. “You’ll see campuses meet workforce needs, and then some programs that lose popularity are phased out.”

The committee on educational policy will discuss and likely approve a resolution to modify the slate of degrees offered in the CSU system. In addition to the degree programs expected to be approved for development, some programs will see admission freezes, while others will be eliminated.

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