John Pomierski


By Liset Marquez, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Posted: 03/17/15, 8:07 PM PDT

UPLAND >> Less than a year after being released from federal prison for bribery charges, former Mayor John Pomierski finds himself in the spotlight again.

This time it is for a memoir he has written “From Country Club to Federal Prison Camp, a former Mayor’s Guide to Survival based on his time spent in Federal Prison Camp.”

Pomierski was released from Taft Federal Correctional Institution five months early, on April 29. Since then, he has gone back to work in the construction industry.

“When I was faced with doing time in a federal camp there was little to nothing about how it worked, what were the parameters. There was virtually nothing available except a Bureau of Prisons handout,” he said by phone Tuesday afternoon.

In March 2011, federal agents arrested Pomierski and charged him with conspiracy, bribery and extortion, accusing him of demanding bribes from unnamed Upland businesses.

In 2012, Pomierski accepted a plea bargain before his case could go to trial and he was sentenced to two years at the Kern County federal prison for accepting a $5,000 bribe in return for the city’s granting of a permit to a local business. Pomierski said he was prompted to write the book as a way to help others who may find themselves in a similar situation.

He has also launched a consulting firm, Accurate Federal Camp Counseling, he said.

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