San Bernardino Seal

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 03/09/15, 6:09 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO >> The city’s finance director is on administrative leave after just months on the job, with next week projected to be his last according to City Manager Allen Parker.

Scott Williams, who was hired in December, was put on administrative leave last week, city officials say, for reasons they say they can’t discuss.

The sudden void will affect the city “not at all” in its attempts to finish two years of audits and financial projections for its bankruptcy exit plan, which is due May 30 to U.S. Bankruptcy Court, according Parker.

“His boss, Nita (McKay, assistant city manager), is very qualified,” Parker said. “She’s already taken over with the auditors, and we’re bringing in temporary people on a contract basis to make sure we make that deadline. There’s no time to go through a full recruitment.”

Parker said he didn’t yet know who will work as consultants between now and May 30 — retired finance directors and the like looking for brief interim work, he expects. He also doesn’t know the cost, but he said the contracting has already been approved.

“It had been recommended by the bankruptcy court some time ago that we gear up as necessary to … meet our audits and make the Plan of Adjustment,” Parker said. “At that time, the (City) Council gave us authority.”

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