Sleeping Shades

Friday, February 6, 2015 – 01:00 p.m.

For decades, government failure after government failure has fallen on the Inland Empire.

Local officials for more than twenty-five years couldn’t see San Bernardino’s steady decline in progress. The city’s coffers were plundered to the point where redevelopment funds had to be essentially stolen to support the local governments general fund. When those funds were taken away by Governor Jerry Brown, the city filed for chapter 9 bankruptcy.

Disparaging titles such as San Bernaghetto and Gotham City were tell-tale signs of what the future held. The comments and criticism pissed-off many insiders and, not-to-mention, those blind individuals suffering from myopia.

Now comes a Highland Community News editorial, published January 29, 2015, and it’s analysis of the booming San Bernardino International Airport (SBIA).

For the record, we use the term “booming” as sarcastically as we possibly can.

To read the editorial masterpiece, click here.

Now let’s take another look at operations at SBIA.

  1. The Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA) annually subsidizes SBIA with more than $5 million of property tax increment. Why you ask? Because SBIA doesn’t generate enough revenue to support itself.
  2. Then there’s the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) that was built to service in-transit private aircraft. Apparently, all those aircraft landing there must be invisible, and must operate in “Whisper Mode”, because no one can see, or hear them. But all the private jet owners in the East Valley must be relieved they have a place to park their jets.
  3. The General Aviation construction, the newspaper says is saving the day, will have to employ some business recruitment folks. Why? Because most of the General Aviation remnants, from the former Rialto Municipal Airport, have moved over to well-maintained Chino Municipal Airport.
  4. Then there’s the relocation of the Sheriff’s Aviation Division into new, soon-to-be-constructed, hangars paid for by the county. The plethora (more like handful) of staff assigned there, will obviously become an economic anchor for the region.
  5. Let’s not forget about Boeing either. You know! The Fortune 500 company that used to flight test its passenger aircraft at SBIA. Last year, Boeing signed a long-term lease with Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA) in Victorville. The move blindsided SBIA officials.
  6. The Highland Community News would like to link the success of the IVDA, and most notably Hillwood Development, to SBIA. But there’s no way anyone can reasonably conflate the two. The IVDA and SBIA are indeed separate.
  7. It seems SBIA has a serious problem with an insect infestation. People living near the facility routinely complain about being kept up at night by loud cricket sounds.
  8. We should also not forget about all the repeated lies about the impending arrival of scheduled passenger airline service to SBIA. Apparently the deliberate misleading of the public has been all but forgiven.
  9. Can all that has happened at SBIA, since the closure of Norton Air Force Base in 1994, justify the expenditure of almost $300 million on the facility?

If this is success, then I wonder what bad times might look like.

Forget about looking through rose colored glasses. This is more like looking through sleeping shades at night.

It’s absolutely fascinating how so-called news outlets actually dish this brainwashing out to the public. In this case it smells more like currying favor with advertisers.

Let us know if we missed something.