Saturday, December 27, 2014 – 11:00 a.m.

The customary dull holiday news cycle was pleasantly interrupted on Saturday.

An editorial published in The Sun and Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers, two publications that are part of the struggling Los Angeles Newsgroup (LANG), has saved the week.

The column “2014 in Review — a year of pushing for government transparency: Editorial” places on full display just how much of a warped sense of reality LANG editors really have. Or is it just a line they want readers to believe?

Either way, it’s insulting!

If seeking government transparency is a mantra of LANG, then maybe it’s other LANG publications like the Long Beach Telegram, Torrance Daily Breeze or Los Angeles Daily News that truly give a gee-whiz about government incompetence or malfeasance. In actuality, LANG’s Inland Empire publications run away from seeking transparency, especially when major advertisers or anointed favorites come into play.

It’s uncertain if LANG, as in one central figure, actually penned this editorial, or if the local editors played a roll. But the ego injected into the column is a strong indicator that it’s editor driven.

It’s also come to our attention that reporters are apparently upset about local blogs being tipped-off on stories first. Is anyone really surprised? Could it be a consequence of when story after legitimate story goes unreported, time after time?

Predictions for 2015:

  • The disgust in the local newsrooms, as a result of local stories being either killed or grossly over-edited, will continue.
  • Paid print circulation will continue to decline, even as area population rises.
  • Area blogs will continue to beat local newspapers on breaking stories.