Utah Highway Patrol

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Four state troopers drove elderly woman
Posted: Dec 09, 2014 | By: AOL Staff

A woman in Utah was able to be by her gravely ill son’s bed side Friday because of the kindness of a string of Utah Highway patrolmen who drover her half way across the state.

Randy Smith was in a hospital in Ogden, Utah -350 miles north of his mother’s southern Nevada home. Helen, 87, jumped in her car and headed north to see her son. She made it into central Utah before she was pulled over for speeding. She was let off with a warning, but instead of pulling forward to leave she backed into Trooper Jeff Jones’ patrol car.

Jones knew he couldn’t let Helen drive the remain 175 miles she of her trip. He put Helen into his patrol car and drover her to Juab County, where Trooper Jared Jensen picked her up and drover her to the next county. All told, four state troopers helped get Helen to the Ogden Regional Medical center.

Helen made it the hospital, where her son continues to struggle with his illness, all thanks to four troopers willing to go the extra mile.