Carey Davis


By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 12/02/14, 8:58 PM PST | Updated: 29 secs ago

SAN BERNARDINO >> The City Council set back Mayor Carey Davis’ agenda Monday by resoundingly rejecting his request to extend the contract for his chief of staff.

The contract, for $125,000 per year, is with MICA PR rather than its managing director, Michael McKinney, who works as chief of staff. That unusual arrangement drew criticism for potential conflict of interest before the contract was first approved in April, but only one vote in opposition, from Councilman Fred Shorett (Councilmen John Valdivia and Jim Mulvihill were absent for that vote).

On Monday, the council shot down a request to extend the contract past Dec. 31 for another year — with the option to extend for two more one-year terms — by a 5-2 vote, with Councilwoman Virginia Marquez and Councilman Rikke Van Johnson being the only supporters.

“This guy has not been good for our community,” Shorett said Tuesday, echoing comments he and others made at the meeting. “He’s not supported the mayor well. I’m disappointed that the mayor doesn’t recognize this.”

Davis left Monday before he could answer any questions and didn’t return a phone call Tuesday.

He read a statement Monday saying McKinney had supervised staff, researched positions, spoken to the media and prepared important policies, among other accomplishments.

“The services that I received as a result of Mr. McKinney’s efforts, together with the coordination of the staff of the mayor’s office … would take more than one person to manage,” he said. “So I do look forward to a continued relationship with him. Of course, it is up to the council.”

McKinney, who frequently answers calls on behalf of the mayor, said Tuesday he would be able to effectively work on projects assigned by the mayor until his contract expires at the end of the year.

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