Monday, November 17, 2014 – 08:45 a.m.

Obamacare. The Gift that keeps on giving!

My last story on Obamacare isn’t even a week old and already there’s another controversy.

Making the rounds on some media outlets is the latest Obamacare fiasco involving the now well-known Economics Professor Jonathan Gruber from the prestigous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Gruber, apparently one of the key masterminds behind the design and implementation of Obamacare, has been caught on several archived presentations calling American voters stupid. Goober, who personally met with President Obama on how to sell The Affordable care Act to skeptical Senators, actually designed the strategy to call the hidden tax used to fund the program using the term mandate. Even though it’s all just a bunch of taxes on those who already have insurance.

Now at least four videos have surfaced where Goober, displaying a unbelieveable arogance, keeps hammering his spectators with just how duplicitous the whole sham really was.

Democrats are frantically attempting to distance themselves from Goober. But it sn’t working.

Combine this latest debacle with the new Obamacare rate increases, not reductions, and it’s just more sauce for the Goose.

By Goose, I mean the Democrat Party.