I Voted

Monday, November 10, 2014 – 08:30 a.m.

California and Inland Empire voter turnout was dismal last Tuesday.

Even though Election day voting somewhat bolstered the numbers. The result was still miserable.

Adding figures from the Secretary of State unprocessed ballots report, statewide turnout was roughly 41%.

The numbers in San Bernardino and Riverside counties was 39% and 43% respectively.

Demoralized Democrat turnout affected the outcomes of several contests across the state, and made other contests closer than they should have been.

A distinct Election Day pattern has emerged. Dejected voters, instead of voting for a different candidate, or even so-called voting the party line, just sit it out.

The affect throws any form of credible prognostication into the tank. Democrats, Republicans, and everyone else for that matter, found this out the hard way.

Polls and trends are becoming increasingly less reliable each election cycle.

Expect the percentage of independent or decline-to-state voters to continue and eventually pass the two main political party’s.