Monday, November 10, 2014 – 08:45 a.m.

More troubles emerge in a local Inland Empire newsroom.

Once again, pressure is being exerted to kill or undermine stories affecting certain politicos.

One has to wonder the answer to one question. Who has what on who?

All the half-baked articles, or even non-articles, are easy to notice.

It’s an interesting dynamic which has reared its ugly head several times in the past.

Especially when it plays into newsroom decisions.

It’s no wonder print media is continuing in a death spiral, while other internet-based news sources continue to gain momentum.

I recall reading a Washington Post story a week or two ago that talked about the impending death of newsprint. The article focused on advertisers.

The premise of the argument was simple. When paid advertisers figure just out how little return on investment they receive for what they spend, the industry will be finished.

A second dynamic in-play is reader distrust of what they are actually reading.

In a way it’s sad.

After all, it’s the media that’s supposed to keep government in check, not cover for it.