Virginia Marquez

Councilwoman Virginia Marquez and Bill Sandefeur campaign for Measure Q by Perris Hill Park on Saturday. (Photo courtesy Carla Velarde)

By Ryan Hagen, The Sun
Posted: 10/28/14, 4:57 PM PDT | Updated: 38 secs ago

SAN BERNARDINO >> An organizer opposed to the proposed charter reform Measure Q plans to report Councilwoman Virginia Marquez for allegedly using a city-sponsored park clean-up to campaign for the charter change.

“As a long-time former city employee, I’m aware this activity is inappropriate and possibly illegal,” Carla Velarde said in an email. “I documented the activity and will forward it to the appropriate law enforcment agency for investigation.”

Velarde has pictures of Marquez and a supporter at the edge of Perris Hill Park, where a city-sponsored clean-up was held Saturday.

But Marquez said she was simply giving her opinion in a public area.

“I went out there to rally with the general unit employees — these are people that do graffiti removal, work with the refuse division — as a resident, on my own time, on city streets,” she said. “Nothing was illegal. I was standing across the street from Perris Hill Park, exercising my First Amendment right.”

About 10 employees, on their off-time, were speaking to passersby-with her, she said.

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